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Buns N Roses print on desk | Chook the Emu
Style your home
Flower Vector | Chook the Emu

perfect addition
to your
walls from Chook the Emu

Flower Vector
with the
Globe vector | Chook the Emu


Australian made logo with kangaroo

Also, everything

here is


How & where,
you ask?


Designs are made at some ungodly hour by myself, in Gold Coast Hinterland after I finish my day job, feeding my beautiful, spoiled horses & drinking a very strong coffee. Or when I've chucked a sickie (that's a joke if my boss is reading).

Prints are printed at a cute as heck, family-owned print studio in Brisbane inner city suburbs. Traffic is annoying, but one of our favourite op shops is next door.

Orders are fulfilled at the kitchen table after we push the housemate's dinners out of the way. Then posted at the Australia Post next to the nearby servo.

Dogs with dog breed wall art as home decor | Chook the Emu

Art Series:

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I want to provide the perfect treasure for your home,

that "extra something".

An artwork to brighten the room,

greet you every day,

and bring a smile to your family's beautiful faces.

Chook the Emu Soulmates king emperor penguin wall art print
Chook the Emu Equus wall art print of anatomy of horse equestrian
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