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Chook the Emu horse riding equestrian

About Chook the Emu

Hey, hiya, hello!

My name is Tarnia,
I am the artist & business runner-of-things.
And that is my "emu", Chook.
           (She's actually a horse pretending to be an emu.)

Art and horses have always been my escapes, so it was a natural progression to focus my art on horses and animals in general. Over at Tarnia Kittel Fine Art, I do commissions and create meaningful, collectable pieces with a commitment to animal conservation. 

Here at Chook the Emu, my goal is to create fun, inexpensive prints that will infuse your home with a voice and personality. When a piece speaks to you and reflects your individuality it inspires positive energy and light to flow through your space. Every piece chosen for the store has been specifically selected to create beautiful, inspiring energy to live and flourish in. In addition to my own artwork, Chook the Emu is becoming a general collective for art prints and home decor to find the perfect items to complement your style and home. Eventually, I will be adding art using recycled and refurbished items given new life and style.

Using my empathic nature, passion for the arts and unconditional love of the animal kingdom, I strive to capture the personality and essence of the subject to create realistic animal portraits. I hope you love these pieces as much as I do.

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Chook's name is actually Reward, but she almost never gets called that (only when I'm ready to murder her!). I won her in a bet with her breeder (we were guessing what colour she would be) and she's been mine since her birth. When she plays up, she runs around like a headless chook and riding her is like being on a nutter emu - so Chook the Emu she has been since she was little.

She is bloody adorable, and I love the guts out of her. Here's some proof that she's only sometimes an a-hole. Our kids just suck sometimes, right? Here is a snippet of our journey together since her birth in 2008 (spot the baby Chook and teenage Tarn pic).
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